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Instagram Followers

Instagram Followers

Instagram is one of the fastest growing social media platform that is now being used by more than 100 million users who are classified as active. So, just imagine, how many profiles would be registered with Instagram who currently are not very active on this social platform. Like everything else, Instagram comes with people who are fake and people who are not fake but are not very active on the platform. So getting them as your followers would not make much of a difference as they would not contribute to anything else than numbers. The most important thing about the followers has to be that they are real and active and not fake and useless.

If you are wondering how would you be able to discriminate between active and non active members in your follower's list then be prepared as we are going to tell you the ways through which you will know who are actually the active members in your list. So, without fussing anymore, let's get to the point and see who the real and active followers are.


Posts Regularly

One of the most convenient way to see if your followers are active or not is to stalk at their profile and see whether they have posted anything recently or not. If he or she has been posted regularly then be known that he or she is an active follower. However, there usually comes a time when a certain follower after being very active on the social platform goes blackout all of a sudden, so we would like to caution you about them as they are actually real and active followers but for a reason or two, they have been unable to keep their account and wall updated and it is usually expected that they are going to come back once their problem is solved.



Using hashtags is one of the most common of ways to judge whether the user is active or not. If on his posts, you do not find any kind of popular or usual hashtags according to the mode then you should know that the follower is inactive and is as good as nothing except for a number.
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It is important to know that you should be knowing about a particular person's followers. Usually active member followers list is not that big and is usually in the region between 100 - 1,000 and anything above this figure should give your red flags about their credibility. Unless they are someone really popular, they should not have that much of following on their Insta, sounds legit, right?

So these are some of the ways through which you can judge whether the user is either active or inactive. It is important for your business to have real followers and followers who are active if your account is to excel. You will have a major advantage over your rivals if you have a following that comprises of active followers as they will help to create a chain which will result in the popularity of your company as a whole! For doing it all, you can buy cheap Instagram followers.

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